Jazzamm offers 3 types of laybys to get the products you deserve.

Lay-by Terms and conditions are as follows:

Terms & Conditions

8 Week Lay By

16 week Lay By

Christmas Lay by

Order Date Anytime Anytime Between 25th June and 25th August.
Payment Due 8 weeks from date placed. 16 weeks from date placed. 1st December.
Delivery Date


4-10 working days after payment due. 4-10 working days after payment due. Between the 8th- 15th December.
Minimum transaction $40 $40 $70
Minimum deposit $5 $5 No deposit
Payments Due Fortnightly Fortnight Every 3 weeks.
Handling Fee $5 $5 $5
  • Payments due date and how to pay will be sent via email within 72 hours once your layby order has been created.
  • If you cancel this lay-by, all monies paid except the handling fee will be refundable. If you do not make payments when they are due or the lay-by is uncollected, we will cancel the lay-by and retain an amount of $15.00 to cover store costs and admin fee
  • Refunds for lay-by deposit or payments made by gift card will be refunded by gift card.
    Refunds will be made into the same account or paypay account as provided during the setup of this lay by unless documentation proof is provided e.g. change of bank account or PayPal email.
  • Individual items may not be separated from a lay-by parcel until final payment is received.
  • Information collected from this transaction will be used for the purpose of processing your lay-by.
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